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Витражная мастерская Solveig Stained Glass - изготовление художественных витражей и витражного декора по индивидуальным проектам.

About Us

Welcome to the stained glass workshop "Solveig". Here you will find a perfect gift, our works will bring comfort and joy to your home.


    Here you can get acquainted with our beautiful works, see photos, videos, learn the history and techniques of stained glass creation.

    We produce art stained glass products in various trends and styles, Tiffany stained glass lamps, light panels, interior decor, souvenirs, gifts. We develop design projects and estimate budget, including those based on the draft of a customer.


    We are always glad to help you with the interior design of your home, office or any other space. Feel free to tell us about your wishes, remember, there are no trifles in matters of interior design! You can buy a stained-glass window or stained-glass decor from us, order a stained-glass window, contact us with questions about the installation and operation of stained-glass windows, if restoration of a stained-glass window is necessary, we do work of any complexity. In an effort to acquaint you closer with the creative side of stained glass art, several times a month, we hold an exciting master class in stained glass using the Tiffany technique.

    Together with you, we are interested in bettering the world around us.


        Sincerely, artist Maria Rachenko.

Витраж с художественной росписью. Витраж купить. Авторский художественный витраж заказать. Витраж цена. Мастерская Solveig Stained Glass

Stained glass in a modern interior has great benefits like being a bright accent, an extraordinary memorable detail. Designed individually by the artist, it becomes the embodiment of fantasy and a part of the chosen design direction. 

Stained glass workshop Solveig Stained Glass, Kyiv - stained glass using the Tiffany technique according to an individual sketch design.

Our services

Stained glass workshop "Solveig", we make stained-glass made in the Tiffany technique, ceramic and stained glass mosaics, as well as author's gifts and souvenirs from colored glass and ceramics, which can replenish the private collection of artistic interior design elements and accessories.

soldered stained glass

Master classes

It is not the easiest task to find a new hobby. Anyway, we took care of you! So it remains only to dare and come to one of the most exciting activities, the master class "stained glass decoration in the Tiffany technique". You will feel like a real stained glass artist.

Незвичайні ідеї художніх вітражних подарунків та сувенірів розроблені нами індивідуально. Вітражний інтер'єрний декор.


Give your family, friends, beloved and close people presents with love!
Extraordinary ideas of art stained glass gifts, individually designed by us, are aimed to reflect the uniqueness and originality of the person they are made for.

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