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   Our Stained-glass Workshop specializes on creation of art glass and ceramics interior compositions and souvenirs.

   Stained-glass Workshop "Solveig" characterized by creative visions and masterly performance. Its friendly team collaborates with Ukrainian artist Maria Rachenko, who develops many interesting ideas, uses various stained-glass techniques and artistic approaches.

   Maria’s works are picturesque stained-glass decorations, many of them executed with elements of artistic stained-glass enamel painting, followed by firing of individual parts. Painting gives plenty of space for creative experiments, there are almost no restrictions in this technique, since any color transition, any shape and line, complex detailing and texture are available for the artist’s brushes.

   If you are looking for something special for your home, then add into the interior design of the apartment glass of any sort of its variation, it will make the interior unique. Glass is such an interesting and functional material that the artist’s vision embodied therein acquires a special meaning and beauty, becomes a piece of art - stained-glass decoration.

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