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Designed and created by the artist, the stained glass window is a work of monumental painting. Such a stained glass window (or a stained glass product, for example: a light panel, lamp, lamp, etc.) is individual, is created in stages and takes a lot of time in developing the idea itself, in choosing the execution technique and selecting the material for it. At the stage of developing the concept, searching for colors, glass texture and other necessary elements, the size of the product and its exclusivity (complexity of execution, labor intensity, peculiarity of materials and details) are taken into account.

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Stained glass ceiling, Solveig Stained Glass

Stained glass ceiling

You can order stained glass according to an individual project from us, Solveig Stained Glass Ukraine, Kyiv

Stained glass ceiling with adjustable LED lighting. A frame made of aluminum T-shaped profile allows you to divide a large stained glass window into segments, which is convenient for work, installation and further operation.

Solveig Stained Glass Витраж потолок индивидуальный заказ
Installation of stained glass ceiling, Solveig Stained Glass workshop Ukraine, Kyiv
Stained glass ceiling made in the Solveig Stained Glass workshop, Ukraine, Kyiv
Stained glass ceiling from sketch to installation, master's shop Solveig Stained Glass, Ukraine, Kyiv
Витражная мастерская Solveig Stained Glass  потолок витраж, Украина, Киев, 0315

Stained glass ceiling

Stained glass ceiling made of colored art glass using the Tiffany technique. Designed by an artist to order.

Stained glass ceiling, Solveig Stained Glass Ukraine, Kyiv

Interior sliding door with stained-glass

Stained glass interior doors, stained-glass workshop Solveig, Kyiv

We make exquisite artistic stained-glass windows using the Tiffany technique using decorative elements - bevels. This is the name given to cut glass pieces of varying thickness, size and shape, which are used to create stained-glass windows in certain styles. Bevels can be transparent or colored, of regular geometric or shaped shape, they are made using modern technologies. When light hits such beveled elements, a beautiful iridescent reflection is created, which is achieved by processing the edge of the part.

Stained-glass icon. Temple stained glass window.

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Stained glass icon of John the Evangelist Solveig Stained Glass, Ukraine, Kyiv
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