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"Stained glass icon" - stained glass in the Tiffany technique


To this day, icon painting is considered the most difficult and rarest art, in which human capabilities and the divine principle are combined. In the language of icon painting, the writing of an icon is a symbolic process of gradual disclosure of the image. The method of creating an icon preserves the ancient traditions and canons of writing. Together with our stained glass artist Maria Rachenko, make a list (copy) of the canonical icon using the stained glass technique.


The detailed instructions of the stained-glass artist will help you go through the whole painstaking way of making stained glass, stage by stage. At the master class you will learn: the features of choosing glass and working with a finished sketch, you will be able to assemble a stained-glass window, you will acquire the skills of cutting and processing glass, soldering seams.


The cost and duration of the master class depends on the complexity and size of the stained glass icon, which you choose before the class and approve with us. The minimum duration of such a master class, for a small product, is 3-4 days, 4 hours each, price from UAH 17600 and higher.


​Colored stained glass and other materials are included in the price of the master class. Chains, pendants, packaging boxes are paid additionally.

We conduct the master class individually, taking into account the complexity and volume of work.


For safety reasons, you must wear closed shoes during class!

If you need glasses to work with small parts, take them with you.

Registration for an individual master class - here:  

You can order a gift certificate for a product of any complexity: 



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