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Stained glass miniature from the collection of author's stained glass "Irish elf" or "Gnomes"  is a beautiful and exquisite gift. In the past, dwarves often made jewelry of unprecedented beauty for elves and people, especially for kings. But now they lead a hidden lifestyle, as people have always dreamed of taking possession of the untold riches of the gnomes. The dwarves stopped trusting people and hid their world from people. Or maybe they moved to places where no human foot has set foot.

This cute gnome musician will add real magic and a wonderful world of fairy tales to your interior.

    "Music of the Soul"

    • Hanging window stained glasswith elements of painting on glass,from colored glass with a textured patterned surface.


      • windowstained glass decor made in the Tiffany technique of colored glass with glass painting elements (baking paints);
      • hanging, fastened with a chain;
      • work size: width 13.5 cm, height 18 cm;
      • The work is framed with a narrow profile of 0.4 cm.
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