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It's time to choose the most beautiful and fashionable brooches! A well-chosen brooch makes the image irresistible. By the way, you can use the same jewelry in completely different combinations with clothes, which means you can create different images.
A CHAIKA brooch can support a marine style in clothes or be an accent for a city-style. The seagull is a symbol of freedom and independence, it is one of the first associations with the sea and embodies all the beauty and tenderness of a bird's flight. Our artist came up with different coloristic images for seagulls, bold and slightly grotesque. This brooch can be the highlight of your image.

Ceramic Brooch "Seagull Navigator"

  • In keeping with the theme of sustainability, the products of the Stained Glass Workshop "Solveig" are handmade from porcelain mass (a natural material) and baked at t 1200˚C. Products are light. Each brooch was individually painted by our artist in the tradition of miniature painting.
    Размер броши 4,5 х 4,0 см. Вес изделия – 6 грамм.

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