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Narrative decorative composition made of glass, artistic stained-glass window, made in the Tiffany technique.

The name of the stained glass light panel is "Fatum".

"Everyone has their own destiny. Life is a movement. Someone swims and changes, while someone contemplates and waits for a miracle.

In the evening, when the sun sets behind a cloud, two people appear on the shore of the blue sea: a man and a mythical creature - a half-man, half-horse. They are located near an old oak tree and wait for a black dot to appear between the sky and the water surface, which will grow and approach, and finally, against the backdrop of mountains covering the sea, a sailboat will appear. Both man and centaur know that a sailing ship has its own way, and it will never turn off it and come to this island."


    • artistica stained-glass window made in the Tiffany technique with elements of art painting on glass;
    • multicolored glass;
    • work size: width 137 cm, height 97 cm;
    • the stained glass light panel has three lighting modes of the LED strip: center, edges, center + edges;
    • the work is framed in natural wood (oak), painted in dark brown, frame width 4 cm, frame depth 7 cm;
    • attached to the wall;
    • the reverse side of the work is closed.
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